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Title of the Question Document: Ol material blong Beche de Mer project we oli stap lo konten long wof long Port Vila
Member raising question: Hon. Ralph Regenvanu
Date of question: 2012
Date answered: 4-Apr-2012
Minister/Ministry/Department: Hon. Moana Carcasses KALOSIL, Minister of Finance
Full text of question and response: 1. I gat hamas kontena stret blong material blong projek ia we I kam insaed long kantri; wanem nao hemi stret list mo kwantiti blong everi material we I stap insaed long ol kontena ia; mo wanem valiu blong everi material ia? 2. Ol material ia oli stap yet lo wof long Vila, o sipos oli stap wea?. 3. Wanem bae Government I mekem wetem everi material ia sipos projek ia I no save gohed from ol Provinsel Gavman mo ol lanona I no letem.
Link: http://localhost:8080/jspui/handle/1/3132
Sitting: First ordinary Session of 2012
Language: Bislama
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